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What to Expect When It Comes to Luxury Vehicle Maintenance

What to Expect When It Comes to Luxury Vehicle Maintenance

For many people, having a luxury car is a dream come true. If you have a luxury car, you will need to have it on a regular maintenance schedule to keep it in the best possible shape. Luxury vehicles tend to need a little extra care than a standard car, so you will need to be sure that your vehicle has the proper care to keep it running like new for years to come. Let’s explore what to expect when it comes to luxury vehicle maintenance.

Luxury Vehicle Preventive Maintenance

As with standard vehicles, luxury vehicles also require preventive maintenance. The difference between a standard and luxury car is that the luxury vehicle will need to be on a strict and regular maintenance schedule to ensure that it is running at the level it is expected to perform. By keeping your luxury vehicle on a regular maintenance schedule, you will prolong its life span. Services you should plan to have performed on your vehicle include:

Engine Oil Changes

Oil is your engine’s lifeblood and, depending on the brand, is required to be changed at regular intervals such as every three to five thousand miles or more. Engine oil lubricates and protects the internal moving components of your engine and breaks down over time. Therefore, it’s imperative to keep fresh oil in your engine to protect it from excessive wear and tear. Oil filters are also changed when the oil is changed.

Air Filter Changes

Your engine needs to breathe in fresh, clean air for it to run. Air is filtered by an air filter that will get dirty over time. To keep your luxury vehicle’s engine running smooth and efficiently, you will need to ensure that your engine air filter is clean. This service is usually performed every three to five thousand miles.

Other Fluids

Your luxury vehicle has other fluids such as coolant, windshield washer fluid, transmission fluid, and brake fluid that will need to be checked and periodically changed at suggested intervals that can be found in your car owner’s manual.


Your car’s tires are what grip the road as you drive. Your tires need to be checked on a regular basis to ensure that they have a safe amount of tread to keep your car firmly planted to the ground. Tire wear depends on road conditions, driving habits, and a regular maintenance schedule. Tires will need to be replaced if they have less tread than your local law requires or when they have become unsafe due to loss of traction.


Without brakes, your vehicle won’t be able to stop, making them very important. Brakes will need to be checked periodically to ensure that they are working correctly. The thickness of your brake pads and your rotors are an indicator of the health of your brakes. When your brake pads have been depleted or are below the manufacturer’s recommended thickness, you will need to replace them. The same goes for the rotors, which can often be turned or refinished for continued use but will eventually become too thin to refinish and will need to be replaced.

Interior Care

Luxury vehicles have nicer interior features such as real wood or metal accents, leather seating, leather door panels, leather steering wheels, custom hand stitching, and more. However, these features require more attention to keep them in pristine condition. You can help maintain your luxury car’s lustrous interior by not eating in your vehicle and vacuuming your interior surfaces regularly. Using specialized cleaning and conditioning products will also help your car’s interior retain its luster and shine. In addition, conditioning products will help protect your leather seats from cracking due to UV light exposure, extreme cold, and high heat.

Exterior Care

Driving your vehicle will expose it to dirt, road grime, rain, snow, mud, and many other contaminants that will cause its exterior to become dirty and in need of cleaning. Knowing how to wash your luxury car’s exterior will help it shine like new for years to come. In addition, using a cleaning solution recommended for automotive paint finishes will help you remove all of the dirt and other contaminants that can cause your vehicle to become dull.

If you leave your vehicle dirty for extended periods, its exterior finish can become damaged, making it imperative for you to ensure that it remains clean from such debris. Waxing and polishing your car’s exterior finish with approved products will also help it keep its beauty and shine for many years.

Don’t Abuse Your Luxury Car

Though your luxury car may be known for its outstanding performance capabilities, this doesn’t mean that you have to drive it hard all of the time. How you drive your vehicle plays an essential role in how long your luxury car will last and perform up to specifications. Driving your vehicle too hard will put undue stress on all of the active components from the engine to the suspension.

This isn’t to say that you can’t put your car through its paces, but it isn’t immune to the adverse effects of this kind of driving. Of course, a luxury vehicle will tempt you with its increased horsepower, responsive handling, and exciting acceleration. Just remember that every time you take advantage of these characteristics, you will be putting undue wear and tear on your luxury vehicle that could be avoided with gentle driving.

You can enjoy your luxury vehicle longer and maintain its value when you choose to practice gentle driving and keep it on a regular maintenance schedule. Whether you are looking to purchase your first luxury vehicle or have a luxury car that you want to keep well-maintained, Exclusive Motorcars can help. We are committed to administering the best customer service experience in Baltimore, Maryland. Our team of professional sales associates is ready to help you find the car of your dreams.

Once you have found the luxury car that is right for you, our highly skilled service department and associates are ready to help maintain your investment with excellent service specific to your luxury ride. Visit Exclusive Motors in Baltimore, Maryland, today for more information on how to keep your luxury car running and looking like new.