Automotive Services

Is your performance car, truck, or SUV due for routine maintenance? Are you concerned about a particular noise, leak, or vibration? When you drive something truly special, you don’t just take it anywhere for service. Any ASE-certified mechanic can service the four-banger in your hatchback, but with high-performance vehicles from exotic builders, only trust an expert who has experience with and love for these machines. Improper care could cause loss of performance and even major damage down the road. Neglecting maintenance will save you no money in the long run.

Exclusive Motorcars proudly offers the most extensive full-service maintenance and repair in the Baltimore and Randallstown area. Our fully trained and certified staff is ready to handle any issues, upgrades, replacements, or maintenance your vehicle may need. Our service department specializes in makes and models of all types including Lexus, Mercedes Benz, Land Rover, BMW, and more!

Exclusive Motorcars service offerings include:

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At Exclusive Motorcars, pre-owned luxury vehicles are what we do. We sell more than 1,200 each year, and we cover them with a lifetime powertrain warranty. Why would we put such a warranty on a used car? Because each was acquired, inspected, detailed, and approved by our experts to be good enough for our lot. They’re the cream of the used market, and when properly cared for, they’ll run in top form for a long time. Whether you made a purchase with us or not, servicing your vehicle with Exclusive Motorcars makes perfect sense.

Does your mechanic confidently know Italian V12s, AMG suspensions, or high-performance hybrid systems? Ours do. Finding a trustworthy garage for a luxury vehicle is difficult. Average mechanics will assure you they know what they’re doing, but they’re only being hopeful and optimistic. Dealership specialists will charge top dollar and are no good at a second marque. Details like tuning and alignment are even more critical on a performance machine.

You can trust our service crew that sees cars, trucks, and SUVs from Audi, Bentley, Ferrari, Lexus, BMW, and more daily. We scrutinize every machine we see because the ones we choose to sell get a lifetime powertrain warranty. Would we put that warranty on a lemon? Certainly not! We only sell the best examples of the best automobiles on the planet—and to do that, we need to know our way around all of them.

Did you buy a car from someone else? Bring it to us, and we’ll make sure it’s in top shape. Thinking about buying a luxury vehicle from a private seller? Let us inspect it. Never buy a high-end automobile sight unseen. The good ones are really good, the bad ones are really bad, and it takes an expert to know the difference.

Factory Maintenance

The more exotic the machine, the more intricate the service. Luxury cars run wonderfully when properly maintained, but miserably when neglected. They’re notorious for having bespoke fluids, unusual service schedules, and quirky brakes. Sometimes dealers just want to charge extra for special motor oil. Of course, they want to keep making money off of you. We’ll guide you through the truths and myths of luxury car ownership. We’ll come to understand your machine like your vet knows your pet.

In the DC/Maryland area, winter and summer are passionate extremes, and your car has different needs in different seasons. Whether you need winterization, AC service, a seasonal tire exchange, or to prepare for a road trip, come see your friends at Exclusive Motorcars. We’ll get you dialed in for summer cruising and keep you safe in winter weather. We wouldn’t treat your baby any other way.

Performance Upgrades

Yes, you bought an exciting machine. No, you’re not done yet. There’s always have room for more horsepower, better handling, and additional personalization. When you’re ready to make your vehicle like none other, let our technicians sink their teeth into it. Nowadays, “high performance” means more than optimizing the intake, combustion, and exhaust. So much can be done electronically to customize the driving behavior of a car. We’ll make you and your vehicle into one unstoppable unit.

And yet, there’s still no school like the old school. Some vehicles don’t need chips or electronic fuel injection. Bring your classic down here. We love them, too! We’re not afraid of carburetion or white-wall tires. We love variety and the unexpected. DC-area drivers know we’re all about enjoying cars and sharing that joy, which is why we’ve won the DealerRater Consumer Satisfaction award three times. Come and see why our employees are so highly rated by their clients!

Thinking of Selling?

You probably shouldn’t peek at the machines on our lot while we work on your car. Avert your eyes, or you’ll inevitably fall in love—it happens all the time! We don’t mind if you stare. While your car is up on the lift, we can value it for you, and if you ever consider selling, we’ll make you an offer, cash or trade. Maybe you’d rather sell than have it repaired. We love cars. We’ll buy it, and you can drive home in something else or with a check instead of a car.

We also believe in second chances. If you’re repairing your credit, on-time car payments is great for your improving credit score. While owning your old car doesn’t benefit you, taking out a responsible car loan does. Our innovative finance team is excellent at helping people with derogatory credit drive surprisingly nice cars while building creditors’ trust. Get started with credit pre-approval, then work with our partner Fierce Credit, who might be able to increase your score by 60 points in 60 days.

Please give us the chance to take loving care of your luxury automobile. It hurts us to see average service given to extraordinary machines. Luxury and performance vehicles are what we do! When you buy from Exclusive Motorcars you join an exclusive club. Driving a Mercedes-Benz, Lotus, Jaguar or other Exclusive vehicles will make you smile for a day. Maintain it with us, and you’ll smile for life.

So wherever you are in the Baltimore metro area, bring us your luxury car! Fix it, sell it, trade it, or add another to your garage. If you love amazing automobiles as we do, you always find something intriguing at Exclusive Motorcars.