Winter Maintenance Tips
in Randallstown, MD

Motorcars Winter Maintenance Tips

Exclusive Motorcars Winter Maintenance Tips & Service in Randallstown, MD

Is your vehicle prepared for reliable, comfortable, and safe winter travels? If not, this page details recommended maintenance services for the best driving experience this winter. We have certified technicians to assist with your winter maintenance according to certified service standards. We complete winter maintenance services to factory specifications with genuine OEM parts guaranteed by a manufacturer’s warranty. Check the specials page to save on winter maintenance service, and schedule your appointment online at Exclusive Motorcars in Randallstown, MD.

Winter Maintenance Services, Near Reisterstown, Eldersburg, and Owings Mills, MD

  • Battery Inspection with Testing: Ensure your battery provides sufficient voltage for a reliable engine starting this winter with a quick battery inspection/electrical testing. We can immediately replace your old battery if it has physical defects or performs below specifications.
  • Windshield Wiper Inspection: Promote peak windshield clearing, visibility, and safety in winter’s adverse weather events with a wiper inspection and replacement if needed due to rubber damage, bent frame, broken retention clip, heavy streaking, or 12+ months old.
  • Install Winter Blend Washer Fluid: Prevent standard washer fluid from freezing on the windshield in sub-zero temperatures by installing a winter blend washer fluid.
  • HVAC Inspection: Promote driving comfort and safety in sub-zero temperatures with an HVAC system inspection from a certified technician, who will check the cabin air filter, heating, defrosting, seat, and steering wheel warmers.
  • Tire Inspection: A tire inspection from a certified technician extends peace of mind by knowing your tires have sufficient tread depth for traction, braking support, and safety on slippery roads. A certified tire inspection includes a damage check, tread measurement, irregular wear assessment, and inflation adjustment.
  • Coolant/Antifreeze Inspection & Exchange: A pre-winter coolant/antifreeze inspection ensures engine temperature stability with efficient heat removal and freezing prevention. We will check the fluid’s level, perform a quick ph check, adjust pH as needed, and replenish to capacity, or recommend an exchange service if contaminated beyond effective pH adjustment.
  • Roadside Safety/Emergency Kit: Driving in winter with sub-zero temperatures raises certain safety risks related to slippery roads and vehicle immobilization. Mitigate risks by keeping a roadside safety/emergency kit inside your vehicle. We can assist by ordering a genuine OEM roadside safety/emergency kit from the accessories department.

Schedule Winter Maintenance Service at Exclusive Motorcars, Near Woodlawn and Pikesville, MD

Mercedes-Benz, Lexus, BMW, and Land Rover owners can schedule a winter maintenance service appointment online or by phone. Consider scheduling your appointment on Saturday if you need a weekend service. Customers can review the current service specials, download a relevant coupon, and schedule an appointment online within a few minutes. Call our knowledgeable service advisors during open hours if you have questions, and schedule your appointment.


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