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Winter Checklist for Luxury Vehicles

Winter Checklist for Luxury Vehicles

Owning a luxury car is one of the highlights of life, and you will definitely want to take care of it so you can enjoy your ride for years to come. Your luxury vehicle takes a little more effort to maintain than standard cars due to exclusive features such as upgraded equipment and hand craftsmanship. As winter approaches, it is prudent to understand how to maintain your luxury car through the colder months. Let’s explore a few maintenance tips on how to keep your luxury vehicle in tiptop shape during cold weather.

Back to Basics

Cold weather causes added strain on your vehicle’s engine and other components. So before winter arrives, getting your car serviced should be at the top of your to-do list, even if the service isn’t due. A routine service checklist of a luxury car for winter should include:

Engine oil and filter: Colder weather puts more of a strain on your vehicle’s engine, making it imperative that the engine oil and filter be changed at the designated mileage. This will ensure that your engine is running at optimal efficiency throughout the winter months.

Engine coolant: As winter arrives and temperatures begin to plunge, your luxury car’s engine coolant will be put to the test. As a rule of thumb, a vehicle’s engine coolant should be a mixture of 50% water and 50% antifreeze, but during the winter months, you may need to add a little more antifreeze to the mix for added protection.

Engine air filter: Your luxury vehicle needs cool, clean air to run, and the engine’s air filter filters this air. This filter will need to be replaced regularly to ensure that your car’s engine gets steady fresh airflow. Winter storms and the subsequent salt and sand used for cleaning the roads can cause this air filter to get dirty quicker. A new air filter should be put in before winter arrives and checked more often during the cold season.

Battery: Cold temperatures can wreak havoc on a car battery. It’s always a good idea to have your battery checked before the winter months to ensure that it can withstand low temperatures. If your luxury vehicle’s battery shows signs of wear or doesn’t test well, replacing it before winter can save you some time and hassle.

Belts and hoses: Your car’s belts and hoses can crack with age, making them more susceptible to failure during the winter months. Colder temperatures can cause compromised hoses to burst and belts to break. Have your luxury vehicle’s belts and hoses checked or replaced before the colder months of the year.

Windshield washing fluid: Having a clear windshield is imperative for safe driving, and your windshield washing fluid plays a significant part in keeping your windshield clean. Cold weather washing fluid is available to help keep your windshield from freezing over while driving in inclement weather.

Windshield wipers: Your windshield wipers wear over time from the sun’s rays and friction against your car’s windshield, requiring you to replace them ever so often. When cold weather is approaching, you should check the conditions of your wipers and replace them if necessary.

Tires: Your luxury vehicle’s tires are an integral part of your car’s performance and safety. Winter temperatures can cause air pressure issues, and you will need to ensure that your tires are inflated to the manufacturer’s specifications. You will also need to have your tire’s tread check before winter weather. If your tires are worn and need to be replaced, it is a good idea to have them replaced before winter arrives. There are tires designed for winter weather available as well.

Climate control check: During the summer months, you mainly use your luxury car’s air conditioning with little thought of if the heat is still working correctly. You will definitely want to check your vehicle’s climate controls. If you turn the heat on and aren’t getting warm or hot air from your interior vents, you will need to have your car’s climate control system checked and repaired.

Exterior lights: During extreme winter weather, you may need to use your vehicle’s exterior lights to see and make your car visible to other motorists. You can check your lights by turning them on and walking around your car. You can also check your blinkers and hazard lights in the same way. If you notice any bulbs out, have them replaced before winter arrives.

Protecting Luxury Equipment

Your Luxury Vehicle is loaded with extras that may need a little more care than others. One of these is a leather interior. Leather seats are soft, supple, and relatively easy to clean, but you will need to know how to maintain them during the winter months. Drier air is a side effect of cold temperatures and can cause your car’s leather to dry out and crack. Using a leather conditioner will maintain the moisture level of your leather seats, keeping them in excellent shape.

Another feature of luxury vehicles is custom rims, and they will be exposed to dirt, grime, and road salt throughout the winter months. These elements can cling to the wheels, scratching and damaging them. Keeping your rims clean and waxed will help prevent excessive wear during the cold weather months.

Luxury cars come with luxury paint, and winter can cause significant damage to custom pant jobs if not adequately maintained. Here are a few easy steps to take when winterizing your vehicle’s exterior paint:

  • Wash your car often.
  • Apply fresh coats of wax when needed.
  • Park inside a garage or carport when possible.
  • Purchase a weatherproof custom car cover.
  • Have paint-protection film applied.
  • Only use a soft brush for removing snow.

Taking the initiative to maintain your luxury car during winter will pay off in the long run as your preserve your vehicle’s condition and value. Many of the steps you will need to take to winterize your car are the same ones you already practice, but you may have to perform some of the maintenance routines ahead of schedule when preparing for winter driving.

However, with little effort and care, you can keep your luxury car in the best shape possible this winter. Contact Exclusive Motorcars today and get expert help from our exceptional service department to prepare your luxury vehicle for colder temperatures.