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What Makes a Car a Luxury Vehicle?

Luxury cars aren’t called high-end luxury vehicles for nothing. They have high-end features that take opulence to a step above and beyond the apparent necessities. While drivers can find luxury in different cars, the lavish interior, performance capabilities, safety, and technology features of luxury vehicles put them in their own class.

With advances in technology, luxury cars continue to get better and better. Let’s look at the unique features that you can find in these vehicles.  If you’d like to browse an amazing selection of certified luxury vehicles in the Baltimore area you can also check out Exclusive Motorcars inventory online.

Extravagant Clock

To make their vehicles unique and appealing to target buyers, high-end automakers never hesitate to add finer things to their cars. The Bentley Bentayga, when it first went on sale, stood out because of its unique clock. The watch is equipped with a high-precision winding mechanism and a motor. Its precise mechanism, complication, and sophistication nearly double the cost of the car and are second to none.

Starlight Headliner

Fancy looking up to the stars with your loved one? Most cars have their roofs open so that you can look up at the night sky or even let fresh air and sunshine in. But if you want to look at the stars without opening the roof, the starlight headliner in Rolls-Royce gives you an immersive experience. It embeds fiber optic strands at different angles into perforated leather to display a constellation. You will look like you are gazing at stars.

Proximity Key

A proximity key makes it easier to unlock a car. When within a specific range of the vehicle, the key allows you to unlock the car. Further, it allows for keyless ignition. This key is usually a key fob with an array of antennae that send signals back and forth when near your vehicle. This sounds cool and simple, but it comes with a price tag of $12,000.

Advanced Cruise Control

This feature allows your car to detect road signs, look for hazards, and adjust the speed accordingly. The series of cameras and sensors installed around the car helps you achieve this when cruising. If activated when driving, your car can slow down automatically on noticing traffic slowing down ahead. Your vehicle will also adjust speed when detecting speed limits and hazards.

Perfume Dispenser

A great smell can make you feel good, and carmakers know this well. That is why some high-end cars like BMW 7 Series the Mercedes Benz S-class have a notch for a perfume cartridge. Once the cartridge is inserted, it diffuses the perfume into the vehicle, keeping it smelling clean and fresh.

Heated Steering Wheel

Next up is a feature that you can only find in high-end luxury vehicles, a heated steering wheel. This is an excellent addition to heated and cooled seats and heated mirrors. With this tech, you can drive as your aching or cold hands get warmed quickly. 

Blind-Spot Monitoring

As the name suggests, this feature helps you see who is creeping into your blind spots. The car is equipped with some radar sensors that spot anyone moving into your blind spots and alerts you not to switch lanes directly to them.

Special Interior Trim

The interior of a car can make or break its opulent feel and look. That is why some automakers such as Porsche, Rolls-Royce, Aston Martin, Bentley, and Mercedes will let you commission a car to the precise requirements. For example, you can have your Maybach trimmings made from granite.

Gentleman Function

Adding to this list of luxurious features is the gentleman function you can find in cars like BMW 7 series. This feature may seem to incline toward the concept of masculinity, but its role is simple. It allows the drivers to adjust the passenger seat before the arrival of the passengers.

Biometric Secure Stowage

You might have some things in the car that you don’t wish others to set eyes on. The most remarkable thing about high-end luxury cars like the Bentley Bentayga is that it lets you store your valuables and secrets securely in the vehicle. It has a biometric unit between the two front seats that only you can access.

Is It Worth Buying a Luxury Used Car?

Here are three reasons why a used luxury vehicle is worth your hard-earned money:

They Already Have the Features Included in Modern Economy Cars

If the idea of driving a new luxury car can’t get out of your head, and your budget is limiting you to a new economy car, then there is a good reason why a used luxury car is ideal for you. The features — almost all of which you will find in modern economy cars — have been available to used luxury cars for a while now. That means, even if you buy a used luxury car that is a few years old, you will still get all the features you find in a new economy car. 

New Cars Depreciate Faster

Some brand-new economy vehicles ring in at the same price as used luxury cars. However, new ones, as soon as they’re driven off a dealership, instantly lose their value. They can sometimes lose as much as 50% of their value in three years. On the other hand, a used luxury car loses its value much more slowly and is hence a better investment, especially when you want to experience the opulence of high-end luxurious cars.

More Options

If you decided to buy a brand-new car, your options may be limited to the models launched over the last two to three years. While hundreds of models are introduced every year, it can’t compare to the options you have access to when shopping for a used luxury car. And the more options you have, the easier it will be to find a cheaper car with great features and excellent capabilities. 

Owning any vehicle is a luxury in itself. But if you wish to take that opulence a step further, then spending your hard-earned money on a luxury car is the best thing you can do. Just remember to keep the above features in mind to make your dream true. Thankfully there are different types of luxury vehicles, both new and used to choose from. 

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