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67 Little Known Secrets to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

67 Little Known Secrets to Extend the Life of Your Vehicle

By Ashley Effinger

Are you looking to extend the life of your vehicle without having to invest in costly repairs? Look no further! Here’s a secret that most car buyers and owners don’t know – there are simple, creative ways to keep your vehicle running smoothly for years beyond its expected lifespan. April is Car Care Month , we’ll be discussing these little known secrets so you can get the most out of your investment and take advantage of all your car has to offer! So put on those seatbelts, because we’re about to go over everything you need to know about how you can extend the life of any vehicle .

Give your car a little TLC every day

Image credit Vlad Deep

With a few simple rules, you and your car can be best buddies! Show it some love by driving carefully – then reap the rewards of avoiding pricey repairs for longer!

  • Don’t be so eager to hit the gas pedal – your car won’t appreciate it. Doing a slow start-up is key for preserving its engine, especially during cold days.
  • Don’t think that idling in the driveway will make things better either! It’s not good for fuel combustion and may lead to some pretty gnarly damage down the line.
  • When you’re at red lights always shift into neutral mode – let your engine rest while stopped; it’ll thank you later on!
  • Don’t let roads be your tire’s demise. Handle your tires with care so you don’t have to replace them prematurely! Skip the flooring of that accelerator, respect speed limits and watch out for those annoying potholes – they’re nothing but trouble. Also keep an eye out for sneaky curbs when parking – don’t let them get one over on you! And whatever you do, resist that instinctive urge to make like a racecar driver; playing fast and loose with your tires will only end in tears (and a very expensive repair bill!).
  • If you want to keep your power-steering pump in good shape, remember — no extreme right or left turns! Doing this too much can damage the ol’ power-steering pump.

Get the best car insurance your money can buy

Image credit Amar Preciado

Nobody likes to think about getting into an accident, but when it comes down to it you want your car patched up right. Choose a trustworthy automobile insurer who will shell out for parts from the source and guarantee that all repairs are top quality. Don’t leave yourself stranded—get insured today!

Get the weight off of your key ring

Image credit Joshua Rondeau

Got a pocket full of keys that’s weighing you down? Free your ignition key from the shackles, and lighten up your keychain! Not only can carrying several heavy metal pieces on one loop make it more difficult to turn over when starting the car – it could be slowly ruining the inner tumblers within its ignition switch. Separate out the key you need for driving, enjoy greater ease-of-use at each twist of a wrist…and avoid getting stranded along life’s winding roads.

Don’t settle for any gas station, be picky!

When it comes to fueling up, don’t get taken for a ride! Do your due diligence: sure, the gas service station might have great prices and awesome customer loyalty cards– but are they really taking care of their pumps? Ask ’em if they regularly change their gas pump filters or whether that pump has been filtered at all. And be extra-careful of gas stations without any filtration systems​ – you could end up with some bad gas in your tank! Picky drivers deserve only pristine fuel – find a trusty station and stick with ‘em like glue. It’s worth putting in some research beforehand to find that one spot you can depend on whenever it’s time for a refueling… unless of course there are dolphins involved – then by all means go with them every time!

Don’t get gas when a fuel tanker is filling up

If you want to keep your car running smoothly, steer clear of the gas station if there’s a gasoline tanker nearby. When tanks are being filled from below ground, it can stir up sediment that may clog fuel filters and injectors – something no driver wants! So save yourself some cash (and potential roadside breakdowns) by finding another pump for now.

Keep an vehicle log book

Record every journey with a notepad in the glove compartment! Noting your gas fill-ups and mileage can be critical to alert you of an issue before it has time to snowball. If that MPG is looking like quicksand, take action and get it checked by your trusty serviceman right away.