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Who Will Be Crowned King? Jeep Wrangler VS Mercedes Benz G Wagon

Battle of the Off Road SUV – Mercedes G Wagon VS Jeep Wrangler

Who Will Be Crowned King? Jeep Wrangler VS Mercedes Benz G Wagon

By Ashley Effinger

What Jeep is similar to the G- Class? What is the Mercedes Benz that looks like a Jeep Wrangler?

Driving a Mercedes G-Wagon AMG G63 is like dining at an exquisite Michelin star restaurant – you’ll be pampered and wowed.

Taking the wheel of a Jeep Wrangler ? Like grabbing some yummy fast food from your favorite spot; it may not score any stars, but there’s still something comforting about knowing what to expect!

In both cases, no one’s leaving hungry or unsatisfied.

It’s time for a royal rumble among two of the most beloved off-roaders out there – the Jeep Wrangler and Mercedes Benz G Wagon .

Both have dedicated fans with passion to match their boxy frames, but only one can come out victorious as king!

Who will it be?

Function or swagger – who do you think has what it takes to win this legendary battle between these two muscle SUVs?

Get ready folks – let’s find out who gets crowned king of boxy four wheel fun!

Which is better G-Wagon or a Jeep Wrangler?

The Jeep Wrangler is an icon of North American vehicular history . Respected by military personnel around the world for its superior off-roading capabilities, this much-loved 4×4 has been conquering rugged trails and saving damsels–er…soldiers –in distress around the world since before hip hop or rock n’ roll was invented!

Although it first rolled onto our roads in ’86 as a 1987 model, adventure seekers have been enjoying all that Jeeping glory since way back in the 1940s when the very first models made their debut – now that’s what we call staying power!

The Mercedes-Benz G Wagon has a long, rich history . First rolling off the assembly line in 1979, it served both civilian and military buyers with its no-nonsense design. But that was just phase one!

1989 saw this classic model get luxurious upgrades – think finely appointed wood trims, buttery leather seats and anti lock brakes – transforming “Tough” to “Extra Tough & Luxe”.

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After two decades of dominance abroad these bad boys finally made their way over to US shores…in 2002 (but there were some who had early exclusive access to these gems).