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Upgrade Her Ride: The Best Luxury Cars for Moms

What luxury car would the Mom in your life prefer? Photo credit: Photo by Robert Nagy

Upgrade Her Ride: The Best Luxury Cars for Moms

By Ashley Effinger

With Mother’s Day right around the corner prepare to say ‘Bye-bye minivan mom life, hello luxurious impact on drop-off and pickup!’ Upgrade from your sippy cup stained relic of a car to an automobile positioned somewhere between the family friendly SUV and that flashy Lamborghini.

You need something spacious enough for those recitals and sports gear filled adventures but also packing in all the style you can still rock during parent lounging time. Get yourself treating long drives as jaunts instead of drudgery – with sleek looks plus great fuel economy thrown into the mix so you can have it all!

Struggles with a baby seat ? No problem! We’ve selected the perfect luxury cars for busy moms looking to ease their journey. With comfortable heights and easy access, these luxury vehicles are just what you need to make your life easier – no more 15-pound battles getting into or out of the car!

Audi Q7 Prestige

2018 Audi Q7 Prestige

If you’re a shopper in the market for the absolute best, rest your eyes on this beauty: Audi’s Q7 .

It displays an ideal harmony of luxury features , sophistication and performance – not to mention cutting-edge tech! Plus it comes with a standard supercharged V6 engine that’ll make sure mom gets around town smoothly AND safely (low speed emergency braking is included!).

Still want more?

Opt for one of their Premium Plus or Prestige trims if you crave extra safety options. A no-brainer choice indeed!


2020 BMW X7 xDrive40i

If you’re a mom looking for the perfect luxury vehicle to transport your family in high-class comfort, look no further than BMW’s X7.

Its bold exterior grilles conceal an incredibly quiet and luxurious cabin with loads of premium materials packed inside – seriously like being chauffeured around all day long!

Every model also has plenty of muscle thanks to powerful powertrains and AWD so you don’t have to sacrifice performance for luxury…just be warned that those adult passengers relegated to the third row might not feel quite as spoiled.

Prepare yourself (and kids) for some serious VIP treatment delivered by the BMW X7 !

Mercedes Benz GLE

2017 Mercedes-Benz AMG GLE 43

The pinnacle of performance meets practicality in the AMG GLE 43 — a perfect pick for moms who need to take on more than groceries.

Compromise will be no match; turbocharged engines, quad exhaust pipes and an LED-lit cabin are among this muscle monster’s features.

Let the kids feud over cup holders as you roar off with power suited only for kings…and queens! Carpool line headaches won’t stand against this high-riding SUV hybrid. Step aside traditional crossovers – Mom Mobile 2.0 has arrived!

Tesla Model X

Tesla Model X

Ready to take your family on a ride through the future? Get ready to turn heads in the stylish Tesla X. It has enough room for seven and all of their stuff, plus plenty of space leftover (thanks to the electric engine.

Not only will you be making a statement with its sleek exterior design, but also giving your kids (and yourself) something else to look forward to on family road trips – bringing next-level gaming right into car rides!

With wireless controller compatibility paired with power similar to today’s best gaming consoles: no more backseat bickering…at least not over what game they’re playing.

Another perk is being able to effortlessly squeeze into tight parking spots – making mom the ultimate superhero of carpooling!

Cadillac XT5

Cadillac XT5

Luxury and convenience meet on the family-friendly Cadillac XT5 . Boasting spacious legroom for all five passengers, plus a brawny engine that provides sufficient power to haul your kids’ sports gear and theater props with ease, it’s ideal for any parent looking to wow their mini-me(s).

Plus – an extra dose of safety comes courtesy of lane keep assist and departure warning which will make sure you don’t veer outta bounds!

Range Rover Velar

2020 Land Rover Range Rover Velar S

Range Rover Velar – the only way to roll for mom’s with a taste for luxury . And now available as a plug-in hybrid, there’s no excuse not to upgrade your wheels.

Get ready to take on family life in style with the sleek lines and modern design of the Velar; it even has Cabin Air Purification Plus featuring CO2 sensor technology!

So why settle?

Upgrade today – minivans be gone!

Lexus LX

2020 Lexus LX 570

Does mom need to take the crew off-roading, or pick up her kids from soccer in style?

Look no further than the Lexus LX 570 . Offering go-anywhere luxury on par with its British rivals (at a lower price point!).

This big SUV is perfect for moms who are always on the move – and still have time to show at valet stands!

The V8 engine delivers plenty of power so you can tackle twisty roads, but just try not to grip too tightly as your stomach might be left spinning.

So why settle for second best when it comes to taking care of family needs – don’t miss out; let Mom get behind that wheel and explore what’s possible with an LX today!

Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged

2016 Land Rover Range Rover Supercharged

Looking for an impenetrable tank that can double as the perfect family car?

Look no further than Range Rover Sport Supercharged ! It offers unparalleled safety, with a maximum 5-star rating from Euro NCAP and being one of few widely recommended bulletproof SUVs.

But don’t worry about sacrificing luxury – this ride has all the features you would want to give your precious cargo a riding experience fit for royalty: massaging seats, lush leather ceiling, wood trim…the works!

And it doesn’t even skimp on performance–it’s capable of going 0-60 in 11 seconds flat yet still looks like the classic status symbol we’d expect out of any Range Rover. This car is truly something special for moms seeking to bestow security and style without breaking the bank (or speed limits).