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5 Luxury Car Features You Didn't Know About

5 Luxury Car Features You Didn’t Know About

Luxury vehicles have become increasingly hard to define over recent years. Many brands not traditionally associated with luxury cars have entered the segment with exclusive range-topping trims for their vehicles. For example, Ford’s popular F-150 truck can be purchased in the Limited trim with a high-quality interior. The fully loaded F-150 Limited’s upscale cabin retains very little of the utilitarian simplicity of the automaker’s popular work truck.

The added competition in the luxury vehicle segment means automakers have to go even further to impress their clientele. Some of them have come up with remarkable touches of indulgence to tempt you. Here are just five truly luxurious features picked out by our vehicle experts here at Exclusive Motor Cars.

Lambswool Rugs and Granite Trim

Nothing says luxury quite like exclusive materials in your car’s cabin. High-end auto brands compete with each other to introduce expensive materials for upholstery and trims, whether it’s premium leather, wood, or something even more sumptuous.

For its Flying Spur, Bentley offers lambswool rugs on the floor to make sitting in the rear row remarkably comfortable. These floor rugs are described by Bentley as “cushioned” and “soft.” They pair well with the Flying Spur’s rear seats, which can be heated or cooled, and adjusted in 14 different ways so you can find perfect seating comfort.

In the Mercedes Maybach, the eye-catching part of the interior that takes things to the next level is its granite trim. With this bespoke service, Mercedes will coat your dashboard, door panels, or console in a 1-millimeter layer of granite stone. You’ll struggle to beat that combination for durability and luxury.

Rotating Dashboard

For those among you attracted more by tech gadgets, look no further than Bentley’s rotating dashboard. This cool piece of ingenious design lets you adjust the controls and features accessible on your dash at the touch of a button. It’s available in Bentley’s Continental GT.

The rotating feature means you can change the look of your dashboard whenever you like. Would you like to show your passengers the ostentatious walnut veneer dash? Perhaps you’d rather select your favorite music using the 17-inch infotainment screen? Or monitor the outside temperature and your vehicle’s performance with Bentley’s elegant analog dials? All of this and more is possible with just one single rotating dashboard.

Heated and Cooled Cup holders

If you thought just having cup holders in your car is enough to give it an upscale feel, think again. How about if those cup holders could heat and cool your drink to keep it at the perfect temperature?

That’s one of the luxurious features available in the Aurus Senat, a Russian high-end vehicle. The cup holders can warm up your coffee or cool down your water at the tap of a button. They’re accompanied by a leather-trimmed foldout table and rear-row seats fitted with small pillows that can recline to a 45-degree angle. This vehicle certainly sounds like it could put luxury into your daily coffee break.

Champagne Chiller and Flutes

To celebrate your success, why not raise a glass of champagne with a close friend or loved one? That’s what Rolls-Royce and some other luxury car brands offer by incorporating a chiller and champagne flutes into the rear console. Sure, you’ll lose the middle rear seat in the process, but that’s probably not a major concern for you if you’re focused on riding in comfort and extravagance.

The Fixed Rear Center Console in the Rolls-Royce Cullinan can also hold Rolls-Royce-branded whisky glasses and a decanter if that better suits your preference.

Not to be outdone, Mercedes offers a similar setup in its Maybach S Class First Class series. The center console between the two rear seats contains two silver-plated champagne flutes and a refrigerator. If you’d like a touch more relaxation as you sip on your chosen beverage, you can rely on Mercedes’ massage programs, which are built into the rear seats in these luxurious iconic vehicles.

Starlight Roof

To many people, the idea of luxury means having everything at your fingertips. That could hardly be more evident than with the starlight roof from Rolls-Royce, which allows you to recreate the night’s sky in the considerable comfort of your Wraith.

The roof is created by a leather headliner, which is fitted with fiberoptic lights to give the feel of starlight. If that doesn’t sound luxurious enough for you, there’s the option to customize your order so that the stars are arranged in the formation of your favorite constellation. You can even have Rolls-Royce design the roof liner to replicate the stars on a specific date. Depending on how complex your order is, the task of assembling your starlight headliner can take up to 17 hours and require the labor of two Rolls-Royce master craftsmen.

So, there you have it! Exclusive Motor Cars just gave you the rundown on some of the most extravagant features you can enjoy in some of the most luxurious car brands available. Did we include your favorite one? Is there something you’d like to add to our list? Get in touch with us and let us know.

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