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The 5 Best Selling Luxury Car Brands 2021

With so much of our time spent driving from here to there and everywhere in the Baltimore area, luxury has become the standard for choosing vehicles to get us where we need to be. That said, many different car brands are claiming to have the most luxurious cars, so you might wonder where you should start. Let’s breakdown the five bestselling luxury car brands in 2021.


At the top of this list is Audi, with its exquisite Audi A8 leading the way in luxury, amenities, and features. The fourth generation of the A8 provides a whisper-quiet cabin, lightweight aluminum construction, and lots of technology. Let’s look at a few highlights worth noting.

For starters, the A8 allows you to create up to seven different profiles and stores up to 400 different settings. This is a level of personalization that keeps you comfortable and in charge. In addition, the front seats offer 22-way power adjustments and are heated and ventilated, giving you complete control of your comfort levels. Another outstanding luxury feature is the Executive Plus package. This package offers a front seat massage function, ambient LED interior lighting, heated front surfaces, a head-up display, and so much more.


At a close second on this list, Mercedes-Benz’s S-class sedan is a remarkably luxurious car with many available features that immerse you in comfort, style, and technology. In addition, the S-class sedan has integrated technology that seamlessly connects you with your vehicle like never before with the Mercedes-Benz User Experience (MBUX). This system is already intelligent but grows smarter with each interaction and uses an advanced multi-screen, multi-touch digital cockpit that responds to your natural voice and recognizes your fingerprint.

The interior 64-color ambient lighting of the S-class sedan is more than meets the eye, offering driving alerts, warning passengers when reaching for a door handle when a car is approaching, or confirming climate adjustments. This advanced lighting can be paired and sequenced as well.

When nothing less than the perfect sound system will do, the S-class sedan’s Burmester 3D surround sound system is up to the task. This sound system offers personalized audio that immerses you in unparalleled clarity. In addition, you can upgrade to 4D sound with available resonators integrated into the seats, producing music you can feel. And these barely scratch the surface of the S-class Sedan’s available luxury features.


At third on the list, BMW has a plethora of luxury vehicles, but the one that stands out above the rest is the 7 Series sedan , though the X7 luxury SUV is right on its heels. The 7 Series sedan may be the most customizable luxury vehicle available to date, as BMW offers a vast selection of individual customization options. When you go with a 7 Series sedan, you can create a personalized vehicle that fits your personality and covers all of your wants and needs.

The 7 Series sedan optimizes the driver experience with technologically advanced features such as a digital instrument cluster that changes themes along with the selected drive mode when it comes to a driver-oriented cockpit. It also displays directions, music, and more so drivers have all the relevant information right in front of them. Add massaging, heated, and ventilated seating, and the 7 Series sedan definitely deserves its spot on this top five list.


Arriving at number four, Volvo is affordable luxury at its best with many available features and options that encompass the definition of luxury. The Volvo S90 is loaded with the best that Volvo offers, including fine Nappa leather seating, a genuine Swedish crystal shifter, and an adjustable ride. When your mood calls for relaxation, conservation, or excitement, the S90’s drive mode settings have you covered with Comfort, Eco, or Dynamic settings.

The S90 can prepare for your arrival by precooling, preheating, and more with just a touch on the Volvo Cars App. Sometimes you need more than a digital assistant. The S90 offers access to a Volvo on-call concierge team where you can talk to an actual person for information such as restaurants, shops, etc., in your immediate area. The Volvo S90 has the luxury to spare at a fraction of the cost compared to other luxury automotive brands, solidifying its place on this list.


Though Genesis is at number five on this list, it is by no means inferior when it comes to producing fine luxury vehicles, as evidenced by the Genesis G90 Sedan . There aren’t many vehicles as refined as the G90 with its sleek exterior, limo-like interior, and available amenities you never knew you needed.

The driver’s seat of the G90 is a modern work of functional art and features Genesis’ Smart Posture Care technology. This tech analyzes your physical profile data and adjusts the 22-way settings to create an ergonomically calibrated seating position specifically for you. Not only does the Posture Care Technology mold the seat to fit you like a glove, but it also automatically adjusts the Heads-up Display, steering wheel, and outside mirrors to your exact specifications.

Look no farther when you need to escape the outside world, as the G90’s cabin is designed to be an oasis of peace. Design elements such as triple-sealed doors and dual-pane insulated acoustic glass work together to diminish vibration and road noise. The absence of exterior sound allows you to focus on driving, conversation, and exquisite audio playback.

A Lexicon 17-speaker audio system is equipped with QuantumLogic surround sound, gives every song life, and makes you feel like you are in the front row at a live event. No matter where you sit in the G90, the audio system’s high-efficiency speakers are driven by 900 watts of power to immerse you in a truly unique listening experience. There’s no doubt that the Genesis G90 is meant to be on this list.

As of 2021, these five luxury brands produce vehicles with the quality, luxury, and technology most wanted by today’s consumers. Aside from the luxury these brands offer, their exterior designs are the definition of elegance, with modern design at the heart of each one. When it comes down to choosing the luxury brand that is right for you, personal preference is king. Come down to Exclusive Motorcars to browse our extensive inventory of luxury cars and find the perfect fit!