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What to Look for in a Used SUV near Randallstown, MD

SUVs (and more specifically, crossovers) are the most popular and fastest-growing segment of automobiles currently in existence, which means someone looking for a used SUV for sale here at Exclusive Motorcars is going to have a wide net to cast when searching for the right vehicle. How do you decide which used SUV to purchase? Hopefully, this used SUV buying guide can help.

Types of Used SUV for Sale

There are a few different types of SUVs, but they break down into two major categories:

  • Large, full-size SUVs built on truck chassis.
  • Smaller SUVs, also known as crossovers, built on car chassis.

What to Consider When Shopping for Used SUVs.

The following considerations are most important when determining which type/size/brand of used SUV to purchase:

  • Seating – Nearly all SUVs can accommodate at least five passengers, but the largest SUVs (those with three rows of seats) can accommodate up to nine.
  • Cargo – The larger the SUV, the more you’ll be able to lug around in the back of your vehicle. Determining your cargo needs could help you decide how big an SUV to purchase.
  • Towing – Full-size SUVs will be able to tow small boats, campers, and trailers, just like trucks do. If that’s something you need, you may want a larger SUV.
  • Drivetrains – Different SUVs offer FWD, 4WD, or AWD. If you need a heavier-duty vehicle, consider those with 4WD or AWD.

Buying a Used SUV in Randallstown, MD

One major benefit to buying a used SUV is that the price will be much lower, and as your Maryland car dealer, Exclusive Motorcars has plenty to choose from. Come have a look at our inventory sometime soon to see for yourself just which SUV will work best for you!

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