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The Exclusive Motorcars Value Your Trade Tool

If you are thinking about buying a pre-owned vehicle, chances are pretty good that you’re counting on trading in your current vehicle as a down payment, but it’s impossible to know just how much money a trade-in can get you without first doing a little bit of research.

Thankfully, not only does Exclusive Motorcars sell used cars, but we also provide our customers with the tools they need to make an informed purchase decision at our facility. One tool is the Value Your Trade tool, available for free on our website.

How Does the Value Your Trade Tool Work?

On the Exclusive Motorcars website, there is a tool that allows you to choose between selling a vehicle to a private party or trading it in at our dealership, and in both cases, our tool will ask a series of questions to figure out just how much money your vehicle may be worth. The tool is incredibly easy to use and gives customers invaluable information for fitting a new-to-you car into your budget.

How Can I Use That Information?

Let’s say your vehicle is worth $3,000 in trade. You can punch that into our auto loan calculator to get a sense of how a $3,000 discount will impact your overall costs and monthly payments. Knowing those numbers can help you get a sense of which vehicles you can afford so you don’t get your hopes up for something that’s outside of your price range.

Of course, your car dealers serving Baltimore will be happy to help you if you have any specific questions about your trade-in. We want you to get the best values possible, so using our trade-in tool and speaking to a sales professional is the best way to plan for your next pre-owned vehicle purchase.

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