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Premium vs. Luxury Vehicles at Exclusive Motorcars

Here at Exclusive Motorcars, we offer a wide selection of some of the best pre-owned vehicles in the Baltimore, MD area, but because we advertise ourselves as both a luxury and a premium car dealer in different contexts, we often field questions from customers about the difference between a premium vehicle and a luxury vehicle. To help clarify, we put this quick guide together to help our customers the difference between premium and luxury vehicles.

What Are Premium and Luxury Vehicles from Our Premium Car Dealers?

Put simply, these two types of vehicles are defined as follows:

  • Luxury vehicles are cars, trucks, and SUVs from luxury brands, such as BMW and Audi. These are higher-end brands that come standard-equipped with loads of great luxury features.
  • Premium vehicles from a premium car dealer are the top-end models of non-luxury brands like Hyundai or Ford. While standard models might not contend with luxury models, premium trims with all the bells and whistles often can.

Similarities Between Premium and Luxury Vehicles

For the most part, all of these models are going to come with the best in technology and safety features. They also tend to be manufactured with lavish, high-end materials that are both more comfortable and more aesthetically-pleasing than non-premium or non-luxury vehicles.

Differences Between Premium and Luxury Vehicles

The biggest difference between the two boils down to the value of price versus status. Those who want the high-end brand name and logo will likely opt for the luxury cars, but those who care only about comfort and luxury and don’t care about the marque can end up with terrific value when choosing among premium cars.

While Exclusive Motorcars sells both, we encourage customers to look into premium vehicles as an affordable alternative to a luxury purchase. They can enjoy all the features for a lower price!

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