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Model Recap: 2016 Toyota Sequoia

Here at Exclusive Motorcars, we specialize in selling pre-owned vehicles, which means we get to offer the best that every automaker has to offer because we aren’t limited to just one marque’s vehicles. We thought it would be beneficial to our readers to highlight certain used models that present especially good values and to kick things off we thought we’d focus on the 2016 Toyota Sequoia, a wonderful and underrated SUV.

Why Consider the 2016 Toyota Sequoia?

In a general sense, the fact that the Toyota Sequoia is a large eight-passenger SUV already means it’s one of the few SUVs that can accommodate larger families or people with larger cargo and towing needs. As the automotive world pivots more toward crossovers, large SUVs get harder and harder to find. Thankfully, the 2016 Toyota Sequoia is a classic.

The third-row seating in this model is standard, as is the V8 engine that powers the SUV. It has always done well in J.D. Power’s reliability ratings, and it benefits from all the great craftsmanship that makes Toyota a leader in the industry.

What Kind of Savings Does a 2016 Toyota Sequoia Offer?

As with any model, the cost of a used model depends entirely on the trim level, the added features, and the number of miles on the odometer. It shouldn’t come as a huge surprise, however, to learn that a four-year-old Toyota Sequoia model is going to cost significantly less than a brand new one.

And, since the current version still looks pretty similar to the 2016 iteration and boasts many similar features, you know you’ll be getting a good value.

If you would like to have a closer look at a used 2016 Toyota Sequoia, contact your Randallstown car dealer, and we’ll be happy to get you behind the wheel of the best we can offer here at Exclusive Motorcars.

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