What do I need to bring for financing?

You will need to bring your valid state issued ID, at least two of your most recent paystubs. As well as a proof of residency document like a current utility bill or bank statement. 

We have relationships with many of the nations largest auto lenders, including BB&T, Capital One, Ally, and Wells Fargo. Having so many options means that we have the ability to get you the best rate available.

Can you get me approved if I have bad credit or a bankruptcy?

We send our lenders thousands of deals every year. While that dose not guarantee an approval, it dose mean that we have an advantage over many new car dealers who send the bulk of their deals to the manufacturer's finance company, if for some reason we cannot get you approved, we will let you know and won't waste your time.

Can I trade in my vehicle?

Yes you can, regardless of year, make, model and condition. And if you live in Maryland, Pennsylvania and New Jersey, you also get a tax credit for the value of your trade. 

What if I still owe on my trade?

You can still trade in your vehicle even if you still owe on it. We will need to get in touch with your lien holder during normal business and obtain a twenty-day payoff.

Do your vehicles come with a warranty?

Nearly all the vehicles we sell are still covered by the factory warranty. For customers who are looking for additional coverage or longer terms, we offer premium service contracts from CNA. CNA is a company that has been named #1 provider for 13 straight years in dealers choice award.

What type of service work do you do on your vehicles before you offer them for sale?

Nearly every vehicle we sell gets brand new tires, brakes, and an oil change. We thoroughly recondition and detail each vehicle as well. One thing is for sure: when you buy a vehicle from Exclusive Motorcars, your buying a vehicle that is ready for the road.

Do I need to schedule an appointment?

We recommend that you schedule an appointment so that our staff can be adequately prepared for your visit and ensure that your vehicle of interest is available and ready for you to test drive.

How old must I be to test drive a car?

You must be over 21 and have a valid US drivers license to test  drive one of our vehicles.

Can I transfer my tags?

Yes you can if you are purchasing a vehicle in the same class as your trade. For an example, if you trade in an SUV and purchase an SUV.

Are the vehicles you sell certified?

Yes. Through our motor club program, we certify most vehicles in our inventory.

Where do you buy your vehicles from?

Most of our vehicles are one owner off-lease vehicles which we have purchased directly from the manufacturer. We also purchase vehicles from other dealer’s we have relationships with and offer many of our quality trade-in’s for sale as well.

Do all your vehicles come with 2 keys and owner's manual?

Unfortunately, there are occasions when extra keys, owner’s manuals, floor mats, etc. are not with the vehicle. Please verify with your salesperson whether these or any other items of importance are present.

Do you provide a Carfax on all your vehicles?

We provide a copy to every customer who purchases a vehicle.

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